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Meaning of Easter:

Easter is the most important and valuable day in the whole year. It is the day of rebirth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated in the whole world in the memory of resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. He died in the cross for our sins. To make his followers free he gives his precious life.
Easter day images moments

It is the day when the Jesus raised from the darkness of tomb to the lights of heaven forever. Easter is also known as the day Paschal. It is celebrated after the period of forty day of prayer and fasting in the memory of the crucifixion of Jesus.
Easter day images moments

Most of the people celebrate this day in very respectful and honored way. They offer prayer and celebrate this day with great Holy Spirit. In the whole world people decorate their houses, churches and markets to celebrate this day. This days memories us the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ

The Lent Season:

Lent season is started on Ash Wednesday. It is the day of fasting. First day of lent season in Christian community. It is the time period of forty six days

but the six days are not included in fasting. It is celebrated in all Christians including Anglicans, Catholics, and Presbyterians as well. In the gospel of Matthew and Luke, Jesus spends his forty days in deserts with fasting and endured the temptations by Satan.
Easter day images moments

Lent season is in the memory of those forty days before the Easter. The Ash Wednesday is celebrated by making and blessings by the ash of palm trees. The placing of ash on forehead memories us the words of Jesus that: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”.

Holy Thursday:

Holy Thursday is the memory of last holy supper of Jesus with his disciples. He established the Holy Communion sacrament before his arrest and crucifixion. The Holy Thursday before Easter is the part of holy week.  Jesus fulfills his role as Christian victim of the Passover for his followers to be saved by his final scarifies.
Easter day images moments

The final meal shared by Jesus with his disciples was in Jerusalem. During the meal, Jesus predicted that one of his disciples will give perform disloyalty. And his prediction comes true. Moreover, Happy Easter day images moments 2017 for enjoy with your friends to get many excitement.

Good Friday:

Good Friday holds much importance in the holy week. It is also known as “the order of holy and saving passion of our lord Jesus Christ”. On afternoon of Friday all people gather to pray the Royal Hours.
Easter day images moments

These hours are also known as special expanded celebration of little hours. The hours when Jesus Christ the king who humbled him for salvation of community.

Easter Day:

People offer prayer and then the celebration of Easter is started. Furthermore, people arranges the road trips, sea side trips, dinners in restaurants, have dinners at restaurants or at home. The competition of dying eggs is held between kids and between youngsters. People meet their relatives and enjoy this day and make this try to make this day memorable.
Easter day images moments

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